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“Last year we were transferred from Puerto Rico to MCH and spent about 20 days with our five-year-old son. It was our first experience and I have to say it was excellent. They did several procedures including a gallbladder removal. Also they discovered [my son had] a rare congenital condition. We came back to treat this condition and he had a successful surgery. We received true care and affection from the staff. I’m very thankful to everyone in 3 North East, especially to the team of exceptional nurses and the GI team including: Dr. Hernández, Dr. Arboleda and Dr. Reeves. Also, I want to thank- with all my heart and soul- the Pediatric Surgery Team including: Dr. Burnweit, Dr. Malvezzi, Dr. Ramos-Irizarry, Dr. Loux, Dr. Fitzwater, all the Student Residents and Physician Assistants. The Pulmonology Division: Dr. Franco, Dr. Rodríguez all the Respiratory Therapists and of course all the beautiful and caring nurses in 2 East. It is extremely difficult to have a sick child, but with your support, help and care everything was easier and a lot less painful. We the Figueroa-Negrón Family from San Juan, Puerto Rico will always be thankful for the role you have played in helping Mauricio. You will forever have our respect and admiration. Best regards always!”

Vanessa Negrón Ubiñas